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who are we?

Pickled Owl opened its doors on August 3rd, 2015. Evan and I (Brynn) have strong roots in Sullivan County. Evan, a Liberty native, and I, born and raised in Hurleyville, both have large families in the area. After we married in 2008, we knew we wanted to stay close to family and bought our first home in Hurleyville.


Opening a restaurant was never a question of if, but a question of when. Evan, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, has been in the kitchen since he was 15-years-old where he started as a dishwasher and bus boy. His passion for cooking took ahold of him and he developed and honed his skills throughout his teenage years and into his young adulthood. He knew he wanted to one day open his own place where he could develop an innovative menu and have fun introducing his customers to new food choices and craft beer.


We talked often of the style of restaurant we wanted and how he would be able to inspire people to think outside of the box when it came to dining out. A gastropub style restaurant seemed to be the natural choice. The opportunity to open a gastropub in Hurleyville was one we could not pass up!


Though we are only at the beginning of our journey, it has been incredibly rewarding thus far seeing satisfied customers indulging in culinary creations they may otherwise not have tried and experimenting with the pairing of craft beers and their food choices. It has become a place for our four young children to learn the value of good company, good food, and hard work!

What’s a Pickled Owl?

Coming up with a name for our gastropub proved to be a challenge for us, so we opened up the debate with a competition between family and friends. Who could come up with the best name for our establishment? We knew we wanted something meaningful that encompassed the history of our area, represented what we were about, and would be remembered for its oddity if nothing else. My sister, Autumn, took the prize.


Her thought process: it is believed that 11,000 years ago, the Lenape Indians were the first to occupy our region. Native Americans regard the Owl as the keeper of sacred knowledge and feel the bird represents wisdom and foresight.


In the mid to late 1800’s tanning was a large part of the economic industry in Sullivan County. Tanning is the preservation of a hide or skin. In the same regard, “pickling” is the preservation of food…or your liver through the indulgence of fine alcoholic beverages (like craft brews!).


One tends to behave as though one gains more knowledge with each spirit enjoyed…so it is our feeling that coupling these two words gave us the perfect blend of history, whimsy, and uniqueness to create a memorable name for a memorable gastropub!


Thank you, Autumn!

What’s a gastropub?

A gastropub is a trendy eating and drinking establishment that offers good food, good drinks, and good company…it straddles the line between restaurant and bar. The most notable gastropubs provide a comfortable atmosphere, serving affordable food and drink without sacrificing quality. Not only is there an extensive choice of craft brews, wines and signature drinks, the food served is comprised of local seasonal ingredients as well. Sit back, indulge in a drink, satisfy your hunger, and enjoy the company of those with whom you dine!

Where do we get our stuff?

We pride ourselves in using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.


Much of our produce is provided by The Center for Discovery’s Thanksgiving Farm.

Our popular, delicious chicken used for several dishes is provided locally by Snowdance Farms in Livingston Manor.

Our pure, organic maple syrup used for brunch is sourced from the local Catskill Mountain Sugar House.

In addition to our food ingredients, we also use Java Love coffee, located in White Lake, known for their organic, sustainably farmed, fair trade, rainforest alliance & water processed green coffee beans, produced with respect for the environment and the farmers.


We rotate selections of tap beer from the Catskill Brewery, a local brewery in Livingston Manor, which makes fresh ales and lagers using the best natural ingredients available.


We believe in thinking local, buying local, and being local!


When local ingredients are not an option for a particular food item, we always choose the best quality, even if it means paying more! So please remember, our prices reflect that quality that is passed to our customers. It is what makes our food so dang good!


Not only are we selective in our ingredient choices, but what better way to ensure quality than to make our goods in house? The beef patties are freshly ground using our own house-blend; our bacon is cured and smoked, and the sausage is blended and stuffed, all in house; we pickle all of our vegetables used from the pickle plate to the Bloody Mary garnish to the side pickles on your dish!

Meet Evan and Brynn

Opening a restaurant is widely considered to be a rather risky business, but the Alleeses have pulled off something truly special in The Pickled Owl, and are thriving.
Evan and Brynn believe they have delivered on their stated goal “… to provide a high standard of food with a casual yet refined setting.” But the success of the Pickled Owl hinges as much on the couple’s relationship—they were married in 2008 in a field on Brynn’s parents’ property in Hurleyville– as on the quality of their mostly locally sourced ingredients and “American contemporary cuisine” or the establishment’s relaxed, eclectic ambiance and uber-attentive staff.
Evan and Brynn Pickled Owl